Restore The Bilingual Road Signs, Put Sarawak Back Into A Truly Multiracial Paradise


Press Statement By Michael Kong:

Multilingual road signs are common in Sarawak and is one of the characteristics of the Sarawakian culture and way of life which we are all proud of. However there seems to be attempts by GPS to remove this unique identity of multiracial, multi-cultural and multi-lingual character of the Sarawak community.

At Jalan Stakan in Kota Sentosa, the local councils have quietly replaced the road signs. Now the Chinese characters are all missing and we only see the road sign in Malay language.

Having a multilingual road sign also reflects the characteristics of Sarawak as a state with diverse culture and multiracial community. Why is the State government removing this legacy of our society by replacing the existing dual-lingual road signs with single lingual road sign? Is there a bigger agenda behind such move? Is this a sign of submission to the UMNO+PAS Muafakat Nasional government which the GPS is partners with?

I urge the State government to immediately restore the Chinese characters to the road signs.

Michael Kong Feng Nian
Special Assistant to YB Chong Chieng Jen