Youths! You can decide the future of our nation!


Media Statement By Michael Kong:

In December 2019, the Pakatan Harapan Federal Government passed a Constitutional Amendment that bestows automatic voting rights to every 18-year-old or above Malaysian citizen, commonly known as Undi18. This has drastically increased the total number of voters throughout the Federation.

Take the Johor State Election as an example. The total number of voters in Johor in 2018 was about 1,850,000. After the implementation of Undi18, the number of voters increased drastically to about 2,600,000. Compared to 2018, the total number of voters in Johor has increased a 40.5%.

According to the election result, the total turnout in the Johor state election 2022was only about 54%; however, the total number of voters turnout is 1,404,000 which is close to the 1,480,000 or 80% turnout in 2018.

What is the significance of this?

Due to the movement control across the globe, many Johoreanswho worked overseas could notreturn home to vote. However, the total number of voters in 2022 (despite a low turnout of 54%) was still close to the total number of voters in 2018 (when there was a high turnout of 80%). This means that the local youth had significantly increased the total number of voters. From another perspective, the youths plays a prominent role in deciding who they want to form the Johor State Government.

In relation to Sarawak, during the 2021 State Election, Sarawak hadaround 1,300,000 eligible voters. However, after the implementation of Undi18, the total number of voters has increased to over 1,900,000, which is approximately 51% of the total number of voters, compared to the 2021 Sarawak state election.

This is the current political reality; the youth has become the most influential age group in the Federation.

However, the question is whether our youth is willing to voice out and act for our nation and the future.

Today, we face unprecedented inflation and low incomes. However, our government is incapable of controlling these issues and design a comprehensive development plan. These are the very reason we are falling behind the rest of the world. Unfortunately, instead of solving the issue, the BN+PN+GPS government continues to play with racial sentiments to attain their political objective. GPS even attempts to incite xenophobic feelings, and they do not care if they could destroy the harmony, tolerance and respect in our society. This is not what Sarawakians and Malaysians want.

The Pakatan Harapan Federal Government passed the Undi18 Bill, believing that the youth can enrich our nation with passion and wisdom. PH believes that the youth can steer the nation on the right path. We do not have to be held back by the old school thinking; the youth can decide OUR FUTURE.

Youths are not the pillars of the future; we are the masters of the nation!