Rejang Port Authority urged to explain on the delayed release of containers.


Press Statement By Oscar Ling:

Rejang Port Authority has to explain the delayed release of containers due to several cranes break down.

I don’t understand that why RPA did not repair their cranes immediately after they were having problems, but waited until only one crane was operational, and now all containers have to wait up to 3 months period for them to be released.

It has caused great inconvenience and problem to businesses that need their merchandise for the upcoming CNY, and also some maybe important and urgent raw materials for local manufacturing.

I can foresee a short of supply of many essential goods in our daily lives, if the problem does not resolved soon.

Normally, businesses are getting loans for their purchases from overseas, with the delay, they still have to serve the interests, this is not fair to them and unavoidably the prices for consumers will increase eventually.

This is like a chain reaction, cost price increased and short supply will trigger an inflation. The current RPA board chairman Datuk Joseph Salang, should be responsible and resolve the problem immediately.

I urge the ministry of infrastructure and port development Sarawak to seriously look into the problem. Many are waiting for ministry’s response.