Public Confusions about Movement Restriction Order and Poor Accessibility of Hotline


Statement by Oscar Ling:

The movement restriction order has entered 2nd day, there are still lots of confusion among public, says YB Oscar Ling.

Apart from which sectors of business can continue to operate, the more severe and urgent problem is the regulations on interstate travelling. There seems to have different regulations imposed by different states.

There are still many Sarawakians stranded in KL or other places in West Malaysia waiting to come back, while many flights have been cancelled today due to uncertainty in interstate travelling restrictions.

They may not all have the financial ability to stay in KL for another 2 weeks, the cost of accommodation in hotel will be a huge amount.

I urge our federal government to immediately step up the service of existing hotline which is 03-88882010, which seems to be ever engaging, many are waiting response from government to help them especially those who are having problems during these 2 weeks movement restriction period, be it travelling ban issues, or there may be individuals or families having problems getting foods within these 2 weeks of movement restriction period.