Government Told To Prioritize Sibu Hospital Over Lack Of Equipment Concern.


Press Statement By Oscar Ling:

I want to stress that not only ventilators are not working and there are many equipment we are lacking in Sibu general hospital.

Ministry of health sent in 10 units of used ventilators and eventually found out that 8 units were not working and became a threat to patients who depended on it.

This is a serious issue, and raised concerns among Sibu people, and the explanation of MOH is not acceptable, it is hard to believe 8 out of 10 units have be faulty due to transportation. Again if those machines are sensitive to vibration, MOH should in the first place making sure transporter should be informed and handle them with care.

There are also other basic equipments are in shortage in Sibu general hospital, basic equipments like syringe pump, and infusion pump. Lacking of good functioning of those equipments has hindered the workflow inside hospital, patients have to wait to get their medication administrated. And medical staffs are busy looking for good functioning units in hospital.

I feel sad and think that MOH should prioritize those hospitals in red zone and areas heavily hit by covid. Sibu still handle the most cases of covid throughout Sarawak, Sibu hospital should be supplied with enough equipments it needed, otherwise it is not hard to believe why the death rate is so high in Sibu.

If nothing to be done by MOH, I believe health care system in Sibu hospital will eventually collapsed.

I urge federal government to spend more money on medical equipments, and records have shown that our government has put too much emphasis on economic sectors and our healthcare needs have been neglected.