Everyone Must Learned From The Ferry Tragedy


Press Statement By Oscar Ling:

What happened to Triso ferry’s accident yesterday, which costed 9 lives was truly a tragedy, I wish to express my condolences to the families.

I have using the same route going to Kuching from Sibu in the past few months, although it has to go through 2 ferries, but it has shortened the distance by nearly 100km compared to normal inland route.

Again what happened yesterday was a costly lesson for us, the safety on ferry shouldn’t be overlooked, JKR must strictly enforce whatever need to be enforced on ferries, especially passengers have to be out of the car when boarding and unboarding the ferry.

In my past experience using the said ferry, there was no enforcement, most ferry users don’t know the rules on the ferry, no passengers getting out from the cars while boarding and unboarding, and inexperienced drivers might not know that the deck of the ferry is very slippery, so high speed should be prohibited on and off the ferry.

We must all learned from this tragic accident, not only JKR but also ferry users, nobody wants to see such tragic accident to repeat again.