DAP Yii Condemns The Violence against KK Mart


Media Statement By Kelvin Yii:

I stongly condemn the act of violence and intention to create serious harm where a petrol bomb was thrown at now 3 KK Mart in different states  by irresponsible quarters likely in response to the heightened situation caused by the recent “sock controversy”.

This is outrageous and getting out of hand.

I call for calm and tolerance in this whole situation. We as Sarawakians must stand up against such acts of hate and not let this be normalised in our land and our country.

Out of all places, we did not expect this to happen in Kuching, Sarawak, which is supposedly known as the City of Unity, a place where for years we have learned to live harmoniously regardless of our race, religion, or background.

This shows how the unity and harmony we treasure is so fragile and must be protected. We must stem this before it spreads any further and any quarters that continue to instigate and spread hate must also face the full force of the law.

We must not take this lightly and all parties must make a deliberate attempt to de-escalate the situation and spread understanding and respect.

Let us all move towards unity, not division. This is our opportunity to gain better understanding of one another regardless of our races religion or background and ensure nothing like this happens again.