Covid-19 Vaccination : Can The Sarawak Government Do More To Protect Sarawakian?


Press Statement By Wong Pak Ming:

Sarawak used to be a very safe place from Covid-19 until January, 2021 when the Pasai Siong clusters exploded. We used to belittle the other states especially Selangor, federal territories, Johore and Sabah for their high incidence of covid-19 cases.

Now among the Malaysian States, very often we ranked the top 3. This should not be the case. Can Sarawak state government do more to protect Sarawakian from the dreaded virus?

The state government has claimed that we have many billions (more than RM30 billions) sitting in our coffer (reserve). Now is the time to use some of our reserve money to buy the vaccine. We need less than RM300 million to inoculate each and every Sarawakian and it guests and be safe from Corona Virus.

Dear Chef Minister, YAB Abang Johari, what is the use of money if we are 6 feet under the ground?

I am urging the state government to exercise it good and friendly relations with China consulate in Kuching and go all out to secure the approved vaccine from China. We have no time to waste, even if there is only one death from Covid-19, it is one death too many .

YAB CM, our destiny is in your hand. Please act. Thank you.