Prepare A Comprehensive Economic Plan For Industries That Are Yet To Be Allowed To Open


Media Statement by YB Kelvin Yii:

The Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) & the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture(MOTAC) should come up with a comprehensive economic plan for industries that are not yet allowed to be open due to Covid-19 including the spa and wellness industry in Sarawak.

A proper economic plan including aid to help the industry go through these tough times, comprehensive SOPs to prevent any outbreak of the disease, as well as a proper timeline when these industries can open based on current policy by the State Government.

While concerns on the spread of Covid-19 must be taken seriously, but by now after 1 year, the government should have a proper alternative solution or “Plan B’ to help such industries rather than just closing them all the time which caused many of them to face financial difficulties as they also need to keep up with rent, salaries, and business licences.

Many of those affected are vulnerable blind masseurs and baby spas operators whose livelihood are severely affected by this. In comparison, many other industries that includes “touch” including hair saloon, barber, beauty centres, tattoo parlour, nail parlours..etc are allowed to open with the necessary SOPs in place.

Certain concerns in the industry can be addressed by increase monitoring and enforcement in those establishments, to prevent possible illegal activities and also to ensure high compliance of Covid-19 SOP. Those who are running a clean and honest business should not be left without help especially during this tough times.

That I why I strongly believe that SDMC and the Ministry involved should sit down and engage with all the industry players that are involved to better understand their situation, and more importantly come up with a comprehensive economic plan to help them through this tough period.

Kelvin Yii Lee Wuen
MP Bandar Kuching