Be Fair In Recommendation Of Appointment Of “Ketua Kaum”.


Press Statement By Wong Pak Ming:

Mr. Wong Pak Ming ,vice-chairman of DAP, Sarikei Branch criticized a ADUN is not fair in recommendation of appointment of “Ketua Kaum”(Kapitan)in Sarikei and is suspected abuse the power。

He said that appointment of “Ketua Kaum ” was done last year and the year before.

Wong Pak Ming said, it is not fair that a person staying in one area is appointed as a Kapitan in another area. For example ,a person staying in Sg. Merudu is appointed as a Kapitan in Kim San Road, Sarikei. A person in town area is appointed as a Kapitan in Sg. Baji ,Sarikei and so on.

In one way, the Kapitan is very strange to the environmental in that area. For another way, the residents there are strange to Kapitan or even do not know the Kapitan at all. The Kapitan cannot sign any documents without the knowledge of that person.

“Although there is no ruling that
appointment of Kapitan is not necessary from the same area, but in the past, that is normal practice that the appointment of capitian is from the same area.”

One of residents in Kim San Road said, “I donnot who is our Kapitan? Where does he stay ?
Where to look for him? There is no head and tail.”

He asked, is there no capable person in that area and to be appointed as a Kapitan in that area? Is there lack of quality person in that area?

Mr. Wong Pak Ming said, it is only fair that a local person to be appointed to deal with any matter easily in that area.