Proper Planing And Development Needed For Sarikei To Achieve The Target Of “Food Basket Of Central Region”


Press Statement By Wong Pak Ming:

Sarikei is well known as “Food Basket of Cental Region of Sarawak .’ But it has since a long time ago, it does not achieve its target at all.

Besides the announcement of CM Abang Jo recently to open up ‘”Agro Park’ which is no news at the end at all. There is no other planning at all.

The other thing is that the authourity concerned has no proper planning of agricultue development in Sarikei to achieve the target of “Food Basket of Central Region of Sarawak”. The authority concerned has not make the agriculture in Sarikei to be mordenisred and to increase the product of agriculture so so to rise the living standard of local farmers.

The authority concerned should give incentive award to the farmers as an encouragement to them and give them subsidy as well.

In order to achieve the”Food Basket of Central Region of Sarawak“, the authority concerned should achieve the following things:-

(1) open up more land. Most of local farmers have no their own land and they have to rent the land. The government should open up more land for the local farmers so as they have their own land.

(2) mordenise the arigculture.The authority concerned should mordenise the agricultue so as to increase the product of arigcultue and let the farmers to follow the foot step of morden world. Let make the agriculture a frofitable career and let the agriculture to grow.

(3) proper planning . The authority concerned should have a proper planning of agriculture in Sarikei.They should have a master plan of agriculture develpment or Sarikei.

(4) Transportation.The authority concerned should transport the agriculture products immediately after the harvesting so as to maintain the fresh of the products The authority concerned should have the internet link so as to let the local farmers easily contact the foreigners at any time