Take Action To Repair The Not Functioning Clock Of Sarikei Clock Tower


Press Statement By Wong Pak Ming:

Mr. Wong Pak Ming, vice chairman of DAP ,Sarikei Branch said that the clocks of the Clock Tower in Sarikei town were not functioning for a long time and there is no sign of action taken to repair the clocks. A lot of Sarikei people grumble over it for the clocks not functioning.

The Clock Tower is the landmark of Sarikei town and is nearby the landmark of another landmark, the pineapple.

The Clock Tower is situated in the main road in town. The road users,boat expresses and motor boats and so on by pass the Clock Tower and they want to know the time concern. But because the clocks are not functioning,it caused great inconvience to them.

It has also cause bad image to the travallers as well.

It is noted that one side of the clock was not functioning, but the other two sides of clocks were not functioning as well.
The is no clock on one side.

In view of this, Mr. Wong Pak Ming urges the authority concerned to do the immediate repair to the clocks of the Clock Tower, Sarikei town.