Minister Of Education Urged To Reconsider The Date Of School Reopen


Press Statement By Wong Pak Ming:

Mr. Wong Pak Ming, vice-chairman of DAP Sarikei Branch critised the Minister of Education to announce the school reopen on 3 10.2021.

He said, the sutuition of Covid 19 is serious in Sarawak,announcent of schools reopen on 3.10.2021 is not a wise decision. During last week,the confirmed cases in Sarawak was the highest state in Malaysia.

Reopen of schools will depend on sutuition of Covid 19 at the local condition.There were more than 3000 per day for last week in Sarawak and mostly due to “Delta” virus. If the “Delta“ outbreak in schools, it will lose control, especially the rural schools which lack of health facilities.

Furthermore,the parents are not allowed to let the children to go to schools as it is not in a secure state .

Another thing is that the children have not been vaccinated yet.

He urged the Minister of Education to reconsider the date of reopen the schools to save the valuable lives of the children.

Mr. Wong Pak Ming
DAP Sarikei Branch,