Carry Out Tasks Properly, Not Half-heartedly


Press Statement By Michael Kong:

Despite Dr Sim Kui Hian’s announcement on 05.08.2020, the missing Chinese characters in road signs along Jalan Stakan is still an ongoing issue. SUPP must do more especially when its party president is the Minister for Local Government and Housing.

Following Dr Sim Kui Hian’s announcement that the road signs at Jalan Jamboree and Jalan Stakan have been replaced with dual-lingual road signs, DAP has received complaints from the general public that MPKS had conveniently only changed the two road signs which Dr Sim Kui Hian proudly boasted as a sign of Sarawak’s racial and religious harmony as well as keeping our rich tradition. It is regrettable that Dr Sim Kui Hian has failed to direct MPKS to look into all the other road signs along Jalan Stakan.

Following SUPP Stakan Chairman, Sim Kiang Chiok’s recent statement where he trivialised this issue, it is worrisome that we have a GPS government that does not care about the sentiments of the Chinese community. Otherwise, why is there only a feeble attempt despite the strong uproar from the public? The local council should not be changing a road sign or two just to appease the public. Instead, a comprehensive approach ought to be undertaken to review all the other road signs within Jalan Stakan.

Therefore, DAP strongly urges Dr Sim Kui Hian and MPKS to get their act together. The Ministry of Local Government and Housing should direct all local councils especially MPKS to carry out their duty properly and in a systematic manner so as to avoid wastage of more time and public funds.

Michael Kong Feng Nian
Special Assistant to YB Chong Chieng Jen