Be Transparent On SST Spending, Sarawakian Should Be Benefits From The Payment


Press Statement By Brolin Nichosion:

I would like to comment on a statement by the Chief Minister recently that local students in Sarawak International schools will be benefits from the Petronas SST payment.

The Chief Minister also said that it is in line with the state government objective of setting up the International school to allow the Sarawakians of all races from both rural and urban to have the international-standard of education.

I would like to suggest that the government must not forget the national schools that majority of students from B40 family from both rural and urban areas go the national schools.

Therefore, GPS government must not use the money from SST payment to only help those local students that go for international school as many are struggling to go to national school daily because of the transportation difficulty.

Thus, GPS government must use the money to repair the dilapidated schools that have been the issues for so many years especially in the rural areas so that the school will be more comfortable for both teachers and students.

I also would like to ask the GPS government that which International school they are focusing and referring to? According to the Minister from the Ministry of Education Sarawak that the state-owned International is expected to be operated by 2023.

If the state-owned International schools will only be expected to be operated in 2023, is the money will only be benefited by the elite students that go for international school within the period until the state-owned International school is ready to use?

Are not the money belongs to all Sarawakians and must be enjoyed by Sarawakians? If GPS is sincere in helping the Sarawakians, please put priority to the rural schools students. Those areas are adequately enjoying the clean water supply, some have problems with road access and electricity.

The ‘Sarawak First’ slogan I believe is not just a slogan, it means that you put every Anak Sarawak into your struggle, it means that you are fighting for the many and not the few, fighting for those who really need helps and not those who are affordable.

I really hope that the state government will focus on the unsolved problems first instead of focusing on the things that are yet to be done. Be transparent on how the state government spend the money and let Sarawakians know how their money are being spent by their government and the money must be enjoyed by all Sarawakians.

Brolin Nicholsion
DAP Serian Pro-tem Chairman
Special Assistant to YB Chong Chien Jen