Get Sarawakians Vaccinated Now


Press Statement By Brolin Nicholsion:

The state government should quickly rolls out the vaccine to the Sarawakians as the number of cases are rising and alarming.

Yesterday, Sarawak recorded 512 new cases which is the highest number of cases in our country.

Even though there will be no MCO in Sarawak as announced by the SDMC yesterday, SDMC must have stringers steps or procedures to curb the spread of the virus. Therefore, it is time for the state government to give those who already registered to get vaccinated.

The government also should consider our suggestion early this year where we suggested the implementation of inter-district movement control to allow only those who have business to cross the district, we believe this can help to reduce the infection probability form other district.

We are aware that the government will always thought that we the opposition will always oppose every decisions that being made by the government, but as a responsible Sarawakian, this country belongs to us, therefore it is our responsibility to fight shoulder to shoulder with the government to curb the spread of the virus and it is everyone’s responsibility to help the government.

We also urged the government to provide the SOPs that are clear and easily understand. This is to make sure that the SOPs are practical, workable and can be efficiently implemented.

Therefore, we really hope the government can get the people vaccinated and consider our suggestion as the people down are afraid and tired and hoping that the government can implement a better policies to curb the virus and revive back our economy.

16th April 2021
Brolin Nicholsion
DAP Serian Chairman
Special Assistant to YB Chong Chieng Jen