Engage All Parties To Fight COVID-19 In Sarawak


Press Statement By Brolin Nicholsion:

As announced by the minister of local government, Dr Sim Kui Hian on his Facebook post that the Delta variant is now endemic and it’s time for the government to engage other political parties to together fight the new variant of covid-19 in Sarawak.

The infection is now consistently present in the community where we can see the increasing number of infectious in Sarawak lately.

The Sarawak government should put their political differences aside to fight the virus in the spirit of Anak Sarawak that cares for our beloved state by inviting the opposition to help a thing or two to them.

Previously, Bandar Kuching Member of Parliament, Dr Kelvin Yii had suggested 5 main ways to improve and help the Sarawak government to fight the virus.

The 5 main suggestions suggested by Dr Kelvin Yii are,

1. Increase the numbers of cóvid-19 Assessment centres (CÀC) in the outbreak areas with integrating technology to implement virtual assessment for the category 1-2,

2. Integrating a clear and comprehensive Quarantine Advisory that is clear and understandable to all,

3. Increase the manpower at the helpline and Call-centres at CAC,

4. Provide the necessary kits for the home quarantine person and

5.  Implement better enforcement and surveillance for the home quarantine.

Those are the suggestion made by Dr Kelvin Yii and it shows the readiness of DAP elected reps to join hands with the government to fight the virus.

Efforts must be increased to educate the public on how and what should they do as most of the public are confused with what the federal government announced and the state government.

Since the GPS government supported Ismail Sabri as the 9th Prime minister of Malaysia, they should live the ‘Keluarga Malaysia’ slogan and this includes to invite the opposition to fight the virus together.

A comprehensive discussion between the opposition and government can bring out a healthy political development in our state and we can together provide a way out from this pandemic.

Because at the end of the day, it’s our beloved  Sarawak that we cares the most, that we love the most,  that will suffer economically and it effects the livelihood of every Sarawakians, and it is time for us to fight the invisible war together as Anak Sarawak.