Youths Not Given Opportunity To Shine Under GPS


Press Statement By Michael Kong:

The youth deserves more recognition than what it is currently getting from the Sarawak government. Till to-date, we have yet to see any substantive actions being taken towards youth empowerment. Foremost, there are not many activities from the Ministry of Youth and Sports to promote any engagement with the youth.

A brief look at the current GPS leadership reveal politicians who are mostly at least 50 years old (with many being above 60 years of age!). With the current GPS politicians sitting comfortably in their current positions without any signs of grooming the next generation, this will hinder any youth participation in the nation-building.

Naturally, this will then lead to a vacuum of able and willing youths who are capable of stepping up. Even Deputy Chief Minister, James Masing has admitted to the failure by the current GPS government when he said that the younger Dayaks lack the experience to lead the state.

Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah has lauded the recent constitutional amendment as GPS’ commitment to youth. To this, I beg to differ. We may have the best legislations (or constitutions) but without proper execution or enforcement, it is as good as having none in the first place.

Therefore while the amendment of the constitution to allow those who are 18 years and above to become candidates in the state elections is a good step forward, it will be yet another sugar-coated attempt by the GPS government to fool the youth. GPS is at the end of the day merely a protector of the old guards.

Michael Kong Feng Nian
Special Assistant to YB Chong Chieng Jen