‘Sarawakian’ Not Unconstitutional


Press Statement By Michael Kong:

GPS is trying to hoodwink the people by claiming that the incorporation of the term Sarawakian into our state constitution is unconstitutional. If that is true, then are they saying that it is against the Federal Constitution whenever Abang Johari or any of the GPS politicians proclaim themselves as the protectors of Sarawakians? If so, have they been committing treasonous acts against Malaysia all these while?

That cannot be the stance at all. If this GPS government cannot even stand up and fight for the word ‘Sarawakian’ to be in our own Constitution, then how can we be assured that this government will be able to keep fighting for our rights?

GPS could have proposed that the amendment of Article 16 be phrased ‘resident of the State shall mean Sarawakians’. Thereafter, GPS can subscribe a definition to the word ‘Sarawakian’. This would allow the new amendment to be in sync with the Federal Constitution and at the same time bring context to ‘Sarawakian’; a word which does not have any dictionary meaning at this point of time.

Even if anyone challenges this insertion and the definition of ‘Sarawakian’ in the court of law, then let all political parties come together and defend the rights of Sarawak and her people in court.

When one has the chance to actually tighten the laws but did not take the chance, is it far fetched for us to infer there is an ulterior motive? If ’Sarawakian’ had been incorporated into state constitution, one thing for certain is people from outside Sarawak cannot now stand for elections to the State Legislative Assembly. It would be so crystal clear that we do not even need to invite the court to interpret the law.

Michael Kong Feng Nian
Special Assistant to YB Chong Chieng Jen