People Wants Real Change


Press Statement By Michael Kong:

James Masing is wrong to think that Malaysians (or Sarawakians for that matter) vote for “change for the sake of changing”. Before calling out others, James Masing and his other fellow GPS leaders should take a look at themselves and reflect.

For 57 years, Sarawak has been under the same state government but where has that leave us? We have dozens of hydroelectric dams thus causing a surplus of electricity supply but at the same time see many areas without electricity. We have ample freshwater but many do not have access to treated water for their daily activities. At this day and age, water tanks are still being dished out as election goodies in exchange for votes.

So while Sarawak may be blessed by mother nature with natural resources like timber and minerals, much has been squandered by the GPS leaders.

While aged/vintage items are well-liked and appreciated, the same cannot be said on old items which can no longer serve its purpose; just like GPS. Therefore James Masing should learn not to comment for the sake of commenting. Instead, take the hint from the dissenting voices and buck up!

Michael Kong Feng Nian
Special Assistant to YB Chong Chieng Jen