No to Money Politics, Yes to Mature Politics


Press Statement By Michael Kong:

As each party embark on their election campaign, many billboard and flags are being erection along the roads. From the number of election materials erected, we can see the financial might of some of these parties. This is one of the signs of democracy. While we welcome healthy competition, I am sad to note that money politics is still being practiced herein Sarawak particularly in Kuching.

During my breakfast round yesterday, I met a business owner in Kota Sentosa who informed me that one particular political party had been going round Kota Sentosa gathering names, NRIC numbers and in exchange giving each individual RM50.

Money politics is the long standing practice since BN’s time. When these people offer money for your votes, they are treating this state and election as an investment. They are hoping to be able to win your seal of approval on the short term basis so that when they win the elections, this will be their opportunity to raid the State coffers to get back their investment with interests; usually exponentially more than what they have given out.

This practice not only shows how outdated these political parties are but also show how they are indeed similar to the corrupted BN coalition. As the saying goes, “the apple does not fall far from the tree”. Such practices also insults the intelligence and integrity of the voters.

These corrupt and unethical practice must come to a stop. We want to bring Sarawak to greater heights and such practice will only pull us back.

To the voters, I say please vote with your heart and conscience and let us all not be swayed by money politics. Let us all vote against these parties and frogs to bring Sarawak FORWARD.

Michael Kong Feng Nian
Candidate for N.12 Kota Sentosa