Incorporate And Give Definition to ‘Sarawakian’


Press Statement By Michael Kong:

Who is a Sarawakian? This is something that the GPS has refused to answer and even refused to mention the word ‘Sarawakian’ in the constitution of the state of Sarawak.

To some, a Sarawakian is one who was born in the state. To others, the standard is even high than that and it should be confined to one who was born in the state to biological parents who were also born in the state. Some quarters view Sarawakians as people who have treated Sarawak as their permanent home. Whatever the view is, the difference in opinion stems from the fact that there is no mention of the word ‘Sarawakian’ in our constitution and thus no definition for the word ‘Sarawakian’.

After going on the media circus to proclaim itself as a defender of Sarawakians’ rights, it is time for GPS to subscribe a definition to Sarawak. The best chance to do so was during by incorporating it in the constitutional amendment on 12.11.2020. Sadly, this was not done.

GPS could have easily proposed that ‘resident of the State’ (which is as mentioned in the Federal Constitution) shall be Sarawakians. From there, a proper definition would be given to the term ‘Sarawakians’.

Having made the blunder, GPS assemblymen and SUPP now try to divert the issue by challenging DAP to mount a legal action to seek the court’s interpretation of the recent constitutional amendment. This is the most ridiculous excuse to try cover-up for one’s folly.

What GPS should have done was to proceed with inserting the term ’Sarawakian’ and this would have made the criteria to be a member of the State Legislative Assembly solely for Sarawakians.

If GPS had agreed to incorporate the term ‘Sarawakian’, then it would have been a situation of empowering people from Sarawak. Otherwise, all arguments put forth by GPS are only words meant to please the ears of the public but with no real substance.

Michael Kong Feng Nian
Special Assistant to YB Chong Chieng Jen