Excuse For Non-Functioning Ventilators By MOH Is Not Acceptable


Press Statement By Irene Chang:

The MOH’s explanation on the ventilators becoming dysfunctional en route to Sarawak is not acceptable. It is outrageous what had surfaced was an admission vide KKM’s statement that Sarawak had been sent 2 nd hand goods which were previously used in Sg Buloh Hospital. Since the units of ventilators were of 2004 models, it can be safely presumed that they have been around for quite some time. Can this be an affirmation of regular allegations by many Sarawakians that Sarawak is a recipient for discarded goods from Semenanjung? What makes it even more unacceptable is the fact that the discarded goods this time are goods which are urgently needed to save lives. This shows the Federal Government’s total disregard towards the patients in Sarawak Hospitals.

The State Government should also take responsibility and account to the people for allowing Sarawak to be treated in this manner by Semenanjung. The control and management of the pandemic situation in Sarawak needs a healthy and efficient health care system. We cannot expect our doctors and medical staff to do well when we do not provide them with the necessary equipment, facilities and sufficient manpower. This pandemic has shown many ugly rots in our health system which did not happen overnight but have been there for decades.

I therefore call on the State Government to stand with the people of Sarawak and demand for the Federal Government to stop neglecting and disregarding our healthcare system in Sarawak. They should insist that this matter be not swept under the carpet by the flimsy excuse that the transportation company was at fault and they should make right the wrong which has been committed on Sarawak during all these years, especially at this time when Sarawak is fighting a national health crisis.