DAP Serian Continue Serving The Community


Press Statement By Brolin Nicholsion:

DAP Serian branch yesterday reaching out to the needy family within the Serian as an effort to continue to help the needy family within the Serian constituency.

This is a follow-up to the branch initiative that had begun since the implementation of the MCO early March to help those who are affected by this pandemic.

The branch led by its pro-tem chairman Brolin Nicholsion had distributed some over 500 families since March until now. We are focusing to the B40 families where most of them work as daily-paid workers.

Apart from distributing the food aids, we also listen to their problems and to understand more of their needs as they are facing the challenges and difficulties during this pandemic and at the same time, we try our utmost best to serve them and solve their problems.

Most of the people in Serian are farmers and daily-paid workers where they are depending on daily income. This year must be their most difficult years because of the pandemic. This makes them hard to continue their business and many are jobless.

Therefore, we urge the state government to look into these matters to provide assistance other than financial aid. We shall make sure that every Anak Sarawak must not be left behind and should have provided a good platform so that they can continue to do their business and be able to make regular income to curb this pandemic.

Pro-tem Chairman DAP Serian
Special Assistant to YB Chong Chien Jen