Better Stimulus Packages Needed To Address The Economy Impact


Press Statement By Michael Kong:

The Covid-19 pandemic shows how an incident in another part of the world can have a profound impact on other territories. No matter how we try to distant or shelter ourselves from the rest, Sarawak is not immune from this unprecendented moment. From this incident many are suffering economically.

The Sarawak government had previously announced that hawker stall operators will be able to get financial assistance of RM250 per month for 6 months. During our walks within the Kota Sentosa constituency, we received numerous feedbacks that many have yet to enjoy this financial assistance despite receiving messages notifying that their application has been approved.

Today, we also received another request from a resident for food aid. During our conversation with the resident, we were informed that he is currently unemployed and finds it increasingly difficult to find employment. This is the same narrative for a lot of Sarawakians.

We implore the Sarawak government to also come up with stimulus packages to help the local businesses and the community at large. This will in turn help to spur the economy and lead us back to economic recovery.