Padawan Council Urged To Clear Of Tree In The Drain


Press Statement By Leslie Ting:

Trees and boulevards are a beautiful landscape that people yearn for, but if they grow in the wrong location, they will be equal to the scenery.

Located in Kuching 10 miles “giant supermarket” next to the site of the large drainage ditch, ditch width of about 20 feet, ditch at least 10 feet deep, even the bottom of the ditch is cement structure, straight line from the Padawan council Building less than 150 meters away, but neglected management.

At present, banyan trees grow from the bottom of the ditch, even higher than the road surface, some of which have covered the whole drainage channel. At the same time, the accumulation of silt at the bottom of the ditch also grows a lot of wild taro.

After receiving complaints from the public, Ting Xiang Zhi, special assistant of Kuching Member of Parliament Kelvin Yii Lee Wuen, went to the scene to understand and inspect, and found that the ditch had been unsupervised for a long time, and the ditch had been shaded by trees, if it continued to grow, it would seriously affect the drainage function.

In view of this, he urged the Chairman of the Padawan Council, YB Lo Khere Chiang to arrange for workers to go to the nearby ditches as soon as possible to properly clear them.