High Numbers Clear Signs of Poor Policies and Poor Implementation


Press Statement By Michael Kong:

For the past 3 days, Sarawak has been averaging 2,325 positive cases. The scary thing is that Kuching alone contributes to approximately half of the cases with an average of 1,129 cases per day. This is the clearest sign of incompetency by the State Government.

For months, the people have been made to endure and go through inconsistent and unclear guidelines by the government with no avenue to seek any clarification. Not only that, we have also seen how some industries are allowed to remain in full operation despite not being listed as an essential services.

All these have played a role and contributed the high number of positive cases that we experience lately. If there was clear and proper implementation of any of the measures taken thus far, be it proper lockdown or even clear and strict enforcement of SOPs, we would not be where we are now.

The frustration is compounded by the thought that while the State Government is the root of all these problems through its inefficiency and incompetency, the general public are made to suffer. It is only fair and morally right for the State Government to now dig into its reserves and ensure more financial assistance for all businesses particularly the Small and Medium Enterprises.

Michael Kong Feng Nian
Special Assistant to YB Chong Chieng Jen