Give the rakyat of Sri Aman clean treated water


Press Statement by Leon Jimat Donald:

GPS State Government advised to stop playing politics and get to work on their promise of supplying clean water to the people in Undup & Bukit Begunan.

There is no treated water from Batu Lintang junction to Tintingkah & Ulu Undup as well as no treated water from Selepong to Lachau, Kara & throughout Balai Ringin.

‘The water quality in Sri Aman needs urgent attention from the State authority under the Ministry of Utilities. Never a day passes without the folks in Sri Aman complaining about clean water supply in Sri Aman. The GPS representatives from Sri Aman has failed the rakyat and it is about time the rakyat chooses a new government in 2021 that has the political will to take care of them, which is Pakatan Harapan,’ said Leon.

‘GPS/BN has been busy filling up their cronies pockets than to worry about the rakyat’s problem. For nearly 60 years GPS BN has administered Sarawak and nothing to show for when it comes to delivering basic amenities like clean treated water to the people in Sri Aman. They should be ashamed’ added Leon Jimat Donald.