Slow Response To Covid19 Updates Cause For Concern For Sri Aman Residents


Press Statement By Leon Jimat Donald:

I urge relevant authorities in Simanggang to take note regarding the complaints brought to my attention by the rakyat in Simanggang.

Many have voiced their displeasure at the slow pace of status updates on Covid19 related situations.

On another matter, the relevant authorities are also notably slow in their movement sanitizing the areas visited by the positive identified individuals infected by the Covid19 virus.

‘The rakyat resorted to approaching me after their complaints to the relevant authorities have fallen on deaf ears.

I personally visited the shops visited by the suspected individuals and the shop owners expressed concern on the drop of sales after the news regarding the cases went viral in Simanggang.

‘I urge the authorities to speed up on their actions when it comes to the rakyat’s concerns and worries.

Businesses are badly affected and I wish to remind the rakyat to adhere to the SOPs and stay indoors especially senior citizens and young ones to avoid infections and putting a stop to the Covid19 cycle’.

‘And as my end note I am taking this opportunity to wish Happy Chap Goh Mei to all those celebrating especially to the Chinese community in Simanggang .

Stay safe always and let’s work together to stop Covid19 and to make Simanggang a better place for everyone.

Leon Jimat Donald
DAP Sri Aman
Branch Chairman