Irresponsible For GPS To Continue Campaigning In View Of Present COVID-19 Related Situation


Press Statement By Leon Jimat Donald:

DAP Sri Aman has been approached by many in Simanggang who are visibly and terribly concerned by the latest reports from the lockdown in Ulu Undup due to a confirmed COVID-19 case.

It was alleged that the deadly virus was spread to the side longhouse when an elected rep with his entourage visited to campaig in view of the upcoming state elections.

The entourage allegedly consisted among others 2 or more individuals seen donning the Kementerian kesihatan Malaysia(KKM) quarantine bracelet tags.

The visited longhouse now under lockdown is Rh Bandi located in Sebangkoi at Ulu Undup.

The entourage was also reported to have went campaigning at Sg Tanduk and Empadi.Also located at Ulu Undup.

I personally find it unbecoming for an individual with the stature of an elected representative to the people to have knowingly expose the rakyat to the deadly covid 19 virus.

I strongly condemn this action and urge relevant authorities to view this matter seriously and actions to be taken accordingly.

For the record DAP members were advised in advance to heed any SOP given and during the PKP Emergency declaration to stay at home, monitor the situation and stay safe.

We are doing our utmost to follow the rules and regulations stated as not wanting to endanger the lives of the rakyat.

But it is a sad happening things are on the opposite end at the GPS side with recent antics by a few of their leaders and this brings to mind the question of whether GPS is fit to stay on as goverment of Sarawak.

Leon Jimat Donald
Chairman DAP Sri Aman