Violet Claims PAS’s Statement On Suspending Production And Sale of Alcoholic Beverages Is Impractical And Irrational


Press Statement By Violet Yong:

I opine that the PAS’s statement calling on the government to immediately suspend all production, business and sales of alcoholic beverages as a new measure to be taken to prevent drunk driving in Malaysia is impractical and irrational.

Given that Malaysia is a multiracial country, there must be no room to implement policies that will cause disunity, tension and uneasiness amongst its people.

It is of great concern that given PAS is now sitting in the Federal Power, the extremist agenda in PAS has started to sip into our country’s administrative polices and started to encroach into the lifestyle of others. Furthermore, the quality of thinking of the PAS leaders is indeed worrisome.

With PAS suggesting the banning of Sale of Alcohol because of incidences of irresponsible cases of drunk driving is like asking marriage to be banned because there are cases of family abuse. Is this not ridiculously absurd?

If this PAS leader thinks that his proposed “banning logic” works, then he should not hesitate in proposing to all the states under the helm of PAS to start banning driving to avoid road accidents and castrate all males to avoid rape cases.

In my humble view, the correct and effective way in tackling the drunken driving issue should be by way of management analytics rather than taking the insensible approach to ban the production and sale of alcoholic beverages.