JKR Sarawak urged to urgently address severe clogged drain issue along Jalan Simpang Tiga


Media Statement By Violet Yong

I urge Sarawak Public Works Department (JKR SARAWAK) to take swift action to address the severe clogged drain issue along Jalan Simpang Tiga (beside the bus stop near tHE Spring Mall) that causes sewage to overflow onto the road surface, creating slippery conditions that are highly dangerous for road users, especially to the motorcyclists.

Jalan Simpang Tiga is a protocol road but the drainage system has not received the necessary upgrading all these years. 

“Some parts of the drainage system have collapsed, there is no effective drainage system being put in place, and the long-term severe blockage has led to the accumulation of rubbish and residue inside the drains, posing significant hygiene concerns.”

Furthermore, the overflown oily and dirty drainage discharge that overflows towards the road causes the mosses to grow, emitting unpleasant smell.  Such slippery road conditions are in fact endangering the pedestrians and motorcyclist that pass by that stretch of road. 

Immediate action must be taken by JKR Sarawak to solve the issue before any untoward incidents occur. 

I had reported to JKR Sarawak on 13th September 2023 immediately after I received public feedback regarding the matter.  JKR Sarawak had responded by informing that their team have attended to the complaint and repair job will be carried out.

Unfortunately, until todate the problem persists and nothing is done to resolve the issue.