18-year-old Peter succeeded in restoring Malaysia citizenship status through DAP Violet Yong’s help


Media Statement By YB Violet Yong:

After enduring an 18-year wait, Peter Anak Christopher Keli of 18 years old, has finally obtained his Malaysia citizenship status.

All these years, I have been fighting tirelessly for Peter’s citizenship including closely following up with National Registration Department Birth Registry Unit and Sarawak Council for Native Customs and Traditions to ensure the citizenship application of Peter could succeed. 

“We have finally achieved the desired outcome, obtaining Malaysian citizenship for Peter after receiving the approval letter from the National Registration Birth Registry.  This has brought great relief to Peter’s guardian, Mdm Lee who is now aged 75.”

Due to  discrepancy in the name of Peter in the Guardianship Order and newly extracted birth certificate, I will assist to file a court application for correction and promptly assist him in applying Mykad.

In 2006, Peter was entrusted to Mdm Lee, then a coffee shop cleaner, by his biological father (Iban) and Indonesian mother, and has since remained in her care. At that time, he was just a few months old.

Despite Mdm Lee’s plea for Peter’s biological parents to bring him back home, they disregarded the request. As a result, Peter has been under the care of Mdm Lee all these years.

Other than helping Mdm Lee in obtaining the Guardianship order from the High Court, I assisted her in rectifying Peter’s birth certificate so as to include the adat customary marriage of Peter’s biological parents which took place before Peter’s birth so that Peter could be granted the citizenship status of his biological father who is a Malaysian. Before the amendments of the relevant particulars in Peter’s birth certificate, Peter’s citizenship had to follow his biological mother Indonesian nationality. 

I am extremely delighted about Mdm Lee’s success in securing citizenship for Peter and wish to express my profound gratitude to the officers at Sarawak National Registration Department’s birth registration unit and Sarawak Council for Native Customs and Traditions for their invaluable assistance and services throughout the application process.