Leon request for more dialysis machines for current Sri Aman Hospital from Minister of Health


Leon Jimat Donald met the Minister of Health and highlighted a few issues regarding the current situation of the Sri Aman Hospital.

‘I met the Minister in a short meeting highlighting the current present delay in the construction of Sri Aman Hospital which is rumoured to be completed in 23 months. And I also informed YB Minister on the need to increase the present dialysis machines which is currently not enough to service the current increasing number of patients requiring treatment in Sri Aman Hospital. YB Minister has promised to check with his Ministry officials on whether there is space in the current hospital to house more dialysis machines’.

‘I also brought to his attention on the need to change a few laboratory machines that were out of order, namely two Full Blood Count machines, 2 Coagulation Machines & one Urinalysis machine, which YB Minister immediately approved. He said that this was of immediate importance that Sri Aman Hospital present equipment be all in good order while waiting for the new hospital to be completed.

‘I also invited YB Minister to visit the new Sri Aman Hospital once it is completed which he replied in the affirmative,’ said Leon