Government Urged To Ensure The Affordability Of Swab Test.


Press Statement By Tony Chiew

On the requirement for swab test three days before entering Bintulu, the Publicity Secretary of DAP Bintulu, Chiew Chan Yew said that the Government must ensure the affordability of the swab test.

At the moment the government is giving RM150 for each swab test and private hospitals are charging up to RM345 plus the long queue line under the sun and heat for both testing. For the poor RM150 is often not affordable and even for companies the cost could easily run into thousand of ringgit.

The Pandemic is one year old now, actually by now swab test should be a common thing and should be easily available at anytime and be free for all like free vaccine.

In fact swab test should be as easily made available as pumping gas at a gas station. We should encourage more people to take swab test, make it more open, make it easy for people to do swab tests especially when the labs are now equipped with more equipments!

As it is now known that tracing the source of all the spreader is almost an impossible task so the more the government must do more free swab test in order to contain the spread.

After all, the most effective way and important to stop the pandemic now is vaccination and as the vaccine is already there, we are just one step away from doing vaccination for all we should put our great effort in going all out to get our people vaccinated as soon as possible.