A laughing stock, Bintulu faces shortage of diesel fuel


Media Statement By Tony Chiew:

We are concerned about the recent shortage of B10 diesel supply in Bintulu, this incident had caused long queues of heavy vehicles in front of many petrol stations.

This should’t be happening, the relevant authorities should treat this matter seriously and solve it as soon as possible, there after preventing same incident from happening again.

Our oil fields are just located within the Bintulu waters, it would becomes an international laughing stock if we are still facing shortage of diesel.

GPS which rules Sarawak should not turn a blind eye to these issues affecting the people’s daily life. The Minister for Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs, Datuk Seri Alexander Nanta Linggi is also from GPS, he has the responsibility to ensure the supply of diesel is sufficient for market demand at all time throughout the country.

Of late, Bintulu is facing shortage in diesel supply, this has led to traffic congestion outside petrol stations.

GPS Government should fight inflation before everything get worse. A small change in prices can result in a large difference, minor inflation is enough for butterfly effect to occur. Seems like our ministers are still living in their own comfort zone.

Neighboring countries are facing inflation as well, but their issues are not as outrageous as ours. Indeed, “hyperinflation” which we facing have disrupted normal lifestyle. During the past election, GPS have brainwashed the voters in their manifesto that Sarawakians should vote for GPS for a stronger Sarawak. Now, the minister for KPDNHEP is also GPS man, has he tackled these destructive issue of our livelihoods?

Diesel shortages are affecting Rakyat’s livelihood, unfortunately, poor government administration without the ability to respond and deal with the crisis has make everything worse day after day.

The current Government is only good at sweeping problems under the carpet and blaming it on the global challenge.

Petrol station operators are already running their business at very low profit, now they are helpless and don’t know how to sell their diesel. But more importantly, people and transportation operators continue to suffer.

Petrol station operators send their staffs to coordinate the traffic outside their stations, to enable more vehicles to fill up, even forced to set refueling limit for every purchase.

Its time for the government to resolve the diesel shortage issues seriously so that the operations of businesses and daily life of people return normal.