Government urged to implement more Tax Exemptions to help the people


Media Statement By Tony Chiew:

The government should actively plan and implement more tax exemptions as soon as possible to help the people to get through the difficult times.

While exempting SST for new car buyers, the government should plan for more road, to meet the increase in the number of new cars. The Sarawak Government must be an active part to this also, so as to effectively solve traffic congestion in Sarawak. The traffic congestion has become more serious in Sarawak if not over the whole of Malaysia.

Though with the SST exemption, salesperson can boost sales and make more income, but the shortage of supply have brought negative impact to most salespersons. Although the whole world is facing same problems after the pandemic, especially insufficient supply of auto parts, the government should ensure SST exemption policy achieve their true purpose. Otherwise, it will only create all kinds of unnecessary social problems.

Any policy made by the government shouldn’t be sweet talk only but should have clear visions to help the people as a whole.

For example, it’s high time that the industries should get their benefits from the SST exemption as well. 

Many low income families especially those entering into the workforce first time is struggling to get money to buy their first vehicle. Most of them, especially the middle to low income person, will buy a motorcycle as means of transportation. Motorcycle and related industries should be included into the SST exemption policies as well.

As the Ringgit devaluate, the prices of goods and products are going soaring high. Instead of providing monetary assistant directly to the people, the government should enhance the implementation of more tax exemption policies which are more effective and benefit the people,easing the pressures of daily life of the people.

Unfortunately after the implementation of the minimum wages act, most of the people are earning less than minimum cost of living. Inflation rates had made most of us suffer even more. Since early February, the people have been facing price hikes in almost every daily needs, yet, the government is pushing away their responsibilities. Experts in the related industries, especially the food industries, had been predicting another waves of price hikes soon, the government should come out with proper planning to counter these issues, and one of the best solution is to provide more tax exemptions for more industries.