Debate Speech by Chiew Chiu Sing on the debate of Motion of Appreciation in the Sarawak State Legislative Council


Debate Speech by Chiew Chiu Sing on the debate of Motion of Appreciation on Tuan Yang Terutama Yang Di-Pertua Negeri’s Address on 3rd May 2019 in the Sarawak State Legislative Council

Mr. Speaker, 

one year ago when Pakatan Harapan ( PH) took over the government in Malaysia,  that was the first time in the history of Malaysia that we have a change in government.  Our country was deeply in debt then and still is, real debt and liability as at June 2018 was 1,065 billion ringgit.  Corruption was ugly, very seriously ugly indeed and many are afraid that if we do not do something quickly, the debt and corruption will bankrupt our nation. 

To day, near one year later,  we are in a better and more stable financial position then we were before, but the devastation  is still there, there is always not enough money in the pocket for many, businesses are weak, each day as you walk down the 5 foot way, it is so quiet, there is hardly any crowd. Life has become even harder for those who live near the poverty line.  

All these are not something new, as they are in fact,  the reasons, i.e. debt and corruptions that PH had won the election. The  people had wanted change. But the problems which had been accumulating for 61 years, surly cannot all be solved in one year. The PH government now is only asking for 3 years, to bring back our economy to its postitive track and that is by the end of 2021. And,  to use 10 more years from there on, and move the country towards a high income economy country. 

We faced big and difficult times in our country and the peoples expects us from both sides of the aile, to work through our difference, and not in confrontation, to overcome the nation’s problem. For though the  people who sent us here are from different racial, religious, economic backgrounds and walks of life but they all have the same aspirations that they want to have work, they want to have good  business and  they can live better and to leave behind a better future for their children.  

It would be easy for  PH  to do what is popular to borrow more money and give it to our people, spending recklessly as if there is no tomorrow. But the people have chosen us not because they had wanted these short term gain just to keep them happy, what they want is something that is really  necessary for themselves and the next gernerations. The people wanted leadership. The new government now had taken steps to stabilized the financial system and she had  also taken steps to get our economy  grow again.

We all know that businesses are the true engine of job creation. And that is why we have been introducing incentives for business for example,  like tax cut credit system for small manufacturers who purchase source materials from importers, we did not raise income tax, we give sales and services tax exemption to specific services, tax incentives for companies that hire senior citizens, potongan cukai tambahan diberi kepada syarikat yang menggaji pekerja bekas banduan, we give tax break for companies that assist its staff member to settle their loan, we give allocations to repair infrastructure like community halls and villages, highways roads and bridges. We allocated rm 1 billion to the National Fiber Optic and connectivity plan. Green technology financing, micro financing for people who want to start out business etc etc.  The Government itself avoid doing business but is there to create the conditions necessary for bunnies to expand and hire more workers.

Just two days ago the Federal Minister for Primary Industries had announced that as of that day till the 31st of December this year, the government is forgoing the collection of oil palm export tax ! This is to encourage more of oil palm be exported  overseas and new markets be opened, so that our oil palm small holders will benefit from their labor. In the same way, and on the prices of our goods, the PH government want to make sure that the prices of good are stablized. The government is implementing 20 various initiatives so as to let our people, including our civil servants, pensioners and others to have more money in their pockets. We are constantly doing the research and improving, we are working everyday and nights too !  to improve and  make our policies to become better and better.

Of course, we also introduce measure to curb smuggling, corruption, extraordinary wealth, unreported incomes and others.

The fact that country is in debt, so we need to bring down the deficit. At times like this we know that many families  are tightening their belts and making tough decisions. Like wise the government is doing the same and continue to go through and redo  programs that are too expansive and unreasonable like the LRT3 project which was 31.6 billion and now only RM 16.6 billion. We save 15 billion, or the MRT2 project which was 39.3 billion and now 30.5 billion. Not to mention the huge savings on the East Coast Rail Link.

Programs that we cannot afford or doesn’t work, we cut , but we allocate for no more then 10 programs of health and medical benefits for our peoples including the B40 groups in insurance and Health Protection Scheme like Peka B40, my Salam to help working families.

we try to save money in all ways and get back what is ours in 1MDB yet in the  end  we may need to pay as much as RM 43.9 billion to settle 1MDB debts.

We do not want to bring the deficit problems into another generations. we must take meaningful steps to bring down our debts which could damage our markets, increase the cost of borrowing and jeopardize our recovery. All of which would have an even worse effect on our job growth and family income. 

We therefore can rest assured that our country today and because of the existence of our vigirous problem solving measures, will become better. Of course we should never forget our outstanding civil force,  the price and the sacrifices that they give. And we know when the new government and the excellent civil force get into gear and rolling, it can only snowball to greater efficiency making the system better and better. 

But the people are very frustrated to read news to see the fights we are engaged in as if every day is an election day. We cannot be in fighting forever only to read the news or posting on Facebook as to who is being embarrassed more, the  belief that if you loose, I win. There is no need for that.  We may even go so far as to say something about the other side no matter how false, no matter how malicious,  thinking that it is just a part of the game. That exactly is the thing that has stopped either party from helping our people. Worse still, it is sowing further division us and further distrust in the Government. 

PH had campaigned on change, today many are not sure if they still belief that we can change. but remember that we never suggested that change would be easy and that we could do it alone. Our country is a very diverse country and we have been divided for so long racially, religiously, economically and regionally, and any time when you try to do big things and make big changes, you are bound to hit some nerves that could arouse great emotions and controversy. 

So remember, we are here today only because history had call for us to be here because there is this generation of people who are not afraid to do what was difficult to do , but  to do what was needed, to do what it takes to keep  the Malaysian dream alive and contiue on with our reforms, that new Malaysia’s clean governance let  our people continue to believe in the things that they should believe in  so that our children and our grandchildren could be better off. 

Mr. Speaker, 

And there are several things which I wish to bring out in my constituency that I believe if they could be done would be good for the people. 

Each time on arrival at the Bintulu airport from out side of Sarawak, lucky if you have the aero bridge to use  as you would be getting out of the plane at level one. You then would go straight to the immigration which is situated on the first floor as well, you check through that and then you go down stairs either on an escalator or an elevator then to your baggage collection on the ground floor and then out. 

But if you are not so lucky and have no aerobridge to use and get out of the plane by the plane mobile ladder on to the tarmac, you will then have to walk a distance on the tarmac and then go up the staircase to the first level for immigration clearance.

Now that going up that staircase is most difficult for the elderly and those who have difficulty walking or mothers with children or just carrying your hand luggage up the stairs. I have seen it so often and I empathise with these people. 

Could we not move the immigration clearance point at level one to down stairs so that those arriving on the tarmac would not have to climb the stairs for immigration clearance and those arriving at level one via the aerobridge can use  the escalator to go down PLUS if you are boarding the plane by the air plane mobile ladder you could also use the escalator or lift or the staircase. At least you can have a choice. 

I urge the Administration to look into this matter seriously as it is really high time that this problem be solved. The older folks, the sick, the women and children had been suffering too long already because of this. 

Mr. Speaker,

Mr. Micheal Ngu of Lot 2407, No. 629B Taman Good Park at the Tanjong Batu road could not have stolen Sesco electricity, yet he was slabbed with a arrears bill of RM 6374.70. I have known him personally and he is man of honor, an honest straight man who abide by law and order. Our good citizen. 

For all the 27 years that he is living at second row from  the sea beach of the South China Sea at the above address he has never, ever touched the Sesco meter installed outside his living room wall.  

Yet when Sesco changed his meter sometime in the middle of 2016 he was said to have tempered the meter and the seals had broken. Mr. Speaker, how could any bare 1 mm lead,   exposed to the air from the open sea for 27 years not be broken ? what more to say that of Sesco meter seal?

Mr. Ngu had complained to the Engineer at the Bintulu Sesco office and they had discounted him 2258.90 ringgit. SESCO then demanded that he paid the rest by xxx or else his electricity will be cut off. 

Mr. Speaker, you know how that feel ? when all the while you try to be a good and law abiding citizen and yet someone say that you have been dishonest and that you pay what I say you owe and if you don’t I will punish you, cut off your electricity supply. you feel so angry that you feel like vomit blood. 

I hope that Sesco can be more understanding. look around, understand the people and the environment cannot be too rigid with with formula. formula are fellable also. Be reasonable.

I urge that SESCO cancel the above said  arrears. 

Mr. Speaker,

During the last DUN meeting I brought up the issue of the people of Bintulu going to the Old Bintulu town from Tanjong Batu and Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi. The people had wanted a road that goes directly from traffic light there to Jalan Abang Galau at Marco Polo. It is only about 150 meters long. 

I have talked about the reasons of the need to build the road. But regretfully the Bintulu Development Authority (BDA) had not done anything about it and the people are getting very unhappy and frustrated. 

All over the Bintulu Town people are signing the petition to the Chief Minister to appeal to him to build and open up the road. I can say almost ten out of ten when approached person to person to sign the petition, they are very enthusiastic about it and would sign ! whether it is the Chinese, Iban or the Malay, orang ulu or anybody. Male or female, young or old  or whether they are in the offices or shops or tamu, coffee shops or any where. 

Today with me here is the names of a total of 6xxx people had signed the petition.  Mr. Speaker, the message is very clear that the people in Bintulu want the road to be build. They need it. and I hope BDA will listen to the voices of the people, respect their wishes and see their needs and build the road without any further delay. After all we are here to serve the people to help them live happily. If that is what the people want we do it for them as from the petition so signed the decision to built is unanimous. 

Mr. Speaker,

The people living at Taman Nyabau Height, Jalan Tun Hussein Onn, Bintulu suffered great losses when the houses they bought were flooded in the middle of February this year. Water went into their living rooms up to near one foot high and damaged their sofa, carpets, TV and other electrical ware in the Kitchen. Now they are afraid when every time it rains whether it might flood again and even though it is midnight they have to get up and move their belongings including moving their cars to higher grounds!

It is not right that they are made to suffer like this. Houses like this are not suitable for living. How could the authority that gives out the occupation permit,  allow people to stay in houses that would be flooded ! Because, they are going to suffer and tragedy could happen ! We should protect them and not let them live in houses like that. 

I urge that the administration to be most cautious about flooding at the residential areas in Bintulu, help the Bintulu people.

Like at the Medan Jaya  Farley Medan Court why did it get flooded again now that a Tidal Control gate had been built, completed 4 months ago, at Jalan Tun Razak that is at the Tanjong Batu commercial centre. I urge that the Minister would look into this and enlighten the August House.

Mr. Speaker.

19 house owners out of 61 at Hung Hung garden at Jalan Sibiew Bintulu had not got their occupation permits (OP), the houses and infrastructure had all been done for all units. 

I understand that this is because of a dispute on the land boundary where the developer that build the houses had built several inches over to the neighboring land  at the lower half of the developed land lot, causing one of the neighboring land owners refusing to sign consent. 

Living in units and not be given OP,  not because of any safety issues, is not right. The issue here is the land boundary, why should we punish the house buyers and denied them of OP, the issue here is land boundary and about land not building safety. It  is an issue between the developer and the neighboring land owner, we should not punish the house owners and let them suffer for something they have not done or know ! In fact the certificate of practical completion CPC had already been issued by BDA. The house owners has put his whole saving into buying a house of his life time and now he has no OP and had been waiting for it for years.

I  therefore urge that the OP be given to the house owners, they should not be victimized. The land issue can be settled between the developer and the neighboring land owner 

Mr. Speaker,

Hundreds of students from Taman Jade Garden walk to the nearby SMK Bandar morning, afternoon and in the evening  Monday to Friday, using the  draining crossing between House number and 131 and 41, Jade Garden. This route is a short cut and shorten the other route going by the road side to the school,  by couple of hundred meters. But unfortunately the crossing is now removed giving way  to the drain widening works. 

Could the Authority make a new crossing there ? It is important and most useful to the students as any shorter route is always a great relief walking under the hot sun these days. 

Mr. Speaker, 

The Bintulu fisherman dreads the mouth of the Kemena River as they go in and out to the sea each time when they go out to find their catch. This is because the river mouth is getting shallower and shallower. 

Mishaps had  happened again and again  to the fishing boats there and the river mouth must be cleared, considering the amount of siltation its carries from all the development up stream the Kemena river.  

I therefore urge that the relevant authority could take immediate steps to dredge the river mouth before another mishap happens. 

Thank you very much, Mr. Speaker.