Don’t Delay On Government Financial Aid


Press Statement By Chiew Chiu Sing:

Tanjung Batu Assemblyman, Chiew Chiu Sing has expressed his disappointment on the slow delivery of the state government’s financial aid to the people, especially with Covid-19 situation worsening throughout the country.

He was shocked to hear that these assistance packages will take two months to process despite the country’s economy being badly affected by Covid-19 for over a year. This means that it can only be distributed to the people after July 31.

He urged the government to speed up its financial aid delivery as many commercial activities are struggling, especially in the last six months.

“We cannot wait for two months to distribute these financial assistances. The people needs to be given immediate help as they are already struggling. Yet, the government is delaying these very much needed assistances.”

“Does the government not have a strategy for long-term economy recovery? This present strategy they have in place is full of political calculation.”

In the last six month, local businesses have gone through numerous unplanned movement control order with the authority restricting business activities, quarantining employees, shortening business hours and limiting number of employees to not exceeding 30 per cent per premise.

“Due to this, the relevant industries cannot operate effectively and are unable to sustain itself,” he pointed out.

To make matter worst, Chiew said the authority concern kept changing the standard operating procedure (SOP). He said the movement control order is really affecting various industries, leading to many businesses collapsing and changing ownership.

In view of this, government assistances must be disseminated to the people immediately.

“Do not wait for their house to burnt to the ground before deciding to provide them with assistance. That is an insincere act. A good government will provide help to the people as soon as they see them in need of one,” he pointed out.

Chiew added that the assistance package must also cover people from all walks of life, including those in the small and medium industries. A lot of companies are unable to operate due to their employees being quarantined, yet employers still have to pay their salary.

In this case, the government must provide subsidy to those affected by such situation. Yet, the assistance package that they badly need right now is being delayed despite their circumstances.

“There are also too many SOP enforced. Businesses are collapsing yet business operators still have to pay their business rental and employees’ salary. The leader should put all these into consideration and release the financial assistance as soon as possible,” he lamented.

Chiew said many defaulted in their bank loans, car loans and housing loans. Thus, the government must act immediately to overcome this problem.

Apart from helping the B40 group, he said the government should also understand the difficulties faced by the M40 group. They too have a load on their shoulder and are facing financial difficulties as well.

“The pandemic is really serious right now, we cannot predict when it will end. Therefore, the government must immediately come to the aid of the people before the situation get worst than it already is,” stressed Chiew further.