Bintulu Shocked Over The Lost Contact Of More Than 100 People Tested Positive


Press Statement By Chiew Chiu Sing:

State Assemblyman for Tanjong Batu Chiew Chiu Sing said that the people of Bintulu were at shocked over the more than 100 people who had been tested positive for covid-19 but could not be traced or contacted.

It is most disheartening that while the people had been suffering such hardships as a result of following the ever changing SOPs in order to help to contain the spread and yet a back hole was left wide open at the backyard. The number of covid-19 cases lately in Bintulu had been toping the State’s and rising.

“This is a grave negligence on some parts of the Medical Department and those in-charge must stand up and be accounted for instead of putting the blame on the people.”

It is incomprehensible how could any body who had come forward for swab test could give false information as in the identity card when one must register with the medical staffs in the first place. After all the whole swab testing operation from the beginning to the end is under the watching eyes of medical department, unless someone is not doing the job.

“What is worst is that the whole thing started happening between 12th to 21st of April, which is two weeks ago and for the Bintulu MP to come out and announce, two weeks later, on such an urgent matter is completely unacceptable. The Medical Department should have announce it immediately to stop the spread. Why such a delay when tracing the infected is of outmost importance in the whole swabbing exercise and yet it is kept away from the know of the people. Just imagine how many people could have possibly been infected because of the delay. What is there to hide?”

In doing the swab test the infected must be traced, contacted and be brought into quarantine once tested positive. What is the use of talking tough and threatening to arrest them now, when they should have been “arrested” in the first place if they cannot be contacted right after tested positive in the first few days.

People are wondering whether the GPS government is serious about the swab test or not or whether they are doing it just for testing sake, or are they getting numb at the number of swab tests which they are doing and the overwhelming number of positive cases is making them less vigilant anymore.

I therefore urge that the Medical Department must carry out an investigation into the whole thing and to make sure that the strictest measures are carried out at all time in handling the pandemic so as to win back the confidence of the people and those responsible must be brought to face the consequences.