DAP delivered food to the poor at Sg.Apong and Jalan Selangan Batu


Statement by Violet Yong:

Member of Parliament Bandar Kuching YB Kelvin Yii together with Pending State Assemblywoman YB Violet Yong and DAP Kuching team visited Jalan Selangan Batu, Sungai Apong to distribute essential food items to the poor and needy after Sarawak Welfare Department failed to extend any assistance to them.

DAP Kuching Service Centre had collected about 100 names from the squatter area and had since 31.3.2020 submitted all these names to Sarawak Welfare Department for food assistance during Covid-19 MCO period. Regrettably, none of the names submitted had been entertained by the Sarawak Welfare Department.

The food items which include rice, Halal chilled chicken, bread, biscuits, cabbage, vecimillie and potatoes were delivered to the area yesterday afternoon for distribution to all families requested for the food aid.

Most of the residents staying at Jalan Selangan Batu are either daily paid workers or odd jobs workers and thus their income had been cut off ever since the lockdown period.

DAP Kuching understands the people’s predicament of not having enough food to feed the families and thus our party has to step in immediately to help them. Although our party resources are limited, we shall do our best to extend as much help as we can to help the poor and needy.

This is not the moment to play politics and favoritism but be united and act fast. We urge that Sarawak Welfare Department to work closely with all parties including DAP so that all food aid can be delivered to the recipients without further delay.