DAP gave out essential food items to 110 families in Kampung Stampin BDC.


Statement by Chong Chieng Jen:

YB Chong and the DAP team from Kuching and Stampin are helping the families of daily-paid and low-income workers from Kampung Stampin BDC. Today, a total of 110 families received the essential food items from the DAP’s Service Centres of Bandar Kuching and Stampin.

On 2-4-2020, the Jawatankuasa Kemajuan Dan Keselamatan Kampung for Kampung Stampin wrote to the Welfare Department to highlight the need of the 110 households within their community. These are people who works on a contract basis and earns a living by way of daily pay.

They waited till 8-4-2020, regrettably, no assistance has been extended by the Welfare Department. They then contacted Michael Kong, the special assistance of YB Chong.

In view of the plight and difficulty that these families are facing, having their income badly affected by the Movement Control Order (MCO), we took urgent action and arranged for the essential food items to be delivered to them today (9-4-2020).

The food was delivered to the community hall of Kampung Stampin to be arranged by the community committee for distribution to the 110 applicant families.

We hope the Welfare Department will improve their efficiency and effectiveness in the distribution of food to the poor families and those in need.