Change Wisma Melayu To Wisma Kenyalang


Press Statement By Brolin Nicholsion:

I have learned that the Chief Minister (CM) of Sarawak on the 10th December 2020 officiated a earth-breaking ceremony of WismaMelayu which the CM described as a symbol of unity.

It is really beyond my comprehension to name a building with only certain race when he is the CM of every Sarawakian and not the Malay.

 If the head of GPS government said that WismaMelayu is a symbol of unity, than what happen to abandon RumahDayak where the foundation of the building was laid in 1997? Are not the RumahDayak supposedly also be one of the symbol of unity in Sarawak?

The Dayak and Chinese also contributed and sacrifice a lot to Sarawak, why there are no building for them?

Indeed we are multiracial state, live in harmony and peacefully alongside each other and can put aside our differences but not this biased act of compliment only certain race.

Therefore in honor to respect every Sarawakian, I urge the Chief Minister and the government to change to name to Wisma Kenyalang instead of WismaMelayu.

The reason to change it to Wisma Kenyalang because Kenyalang resprenting us the Sarawakian and not particular race or religion in Sarawak. Thus Kenyalang is the suitable name for the building.

It is also come to my knowledge that Abang Jo mentioned that Sarawak cannot be led by one race and must be fair everyone and every races.

Thus, the government also urges to reform the state civil service to include every Sarawakian and remove the quota system and take only those who qualified enough to be in the civil service.

A good government must walk the talk and provide equal opportunities to its citizen and not just good promising everything.

I hope the government will consider my suggestion to change the name of WismaMelayu to WismaKenyalang and to reform the civil service. As a young Sarawakian who will inherit every from the experienced ones, I hope that the government willing listen to my suggestion and stop be a biased government.

Brolin Nicholsion
DAP Serian Branch Chairman
Special assistant to YB Chong Chieng Jen