To Curb Covid-19 Or To Save The Inevitable Collapse Of PM?


Press Statement By Abdul Aziz:

Malaysians are questioning–and rightly so–the need to invoke emergency powers to combat the spike of Covid-19 cases, when the Movement Control Order (“MCO”) was just announced a day prior. Malaysians are rational people. They have largely been obedient in adhering to and observing restrictions. In fact, Malaysia had successfully flattened the curve previously without invoking emergency powers. If it worked then, it would work now too.

However, apparently the Prime Minister does not think so. It is no secret that the Muhyiddin’s government is hanging by a thread. The declaration of emergency is widely perceived as a political move to save the Prime Minister’s inevitable collapse. Crucially, the timing of the declaration which follows after the withdrawal of support of certain MPs to the ruling coalition, casts doubt on the genuine intention of the Prime Minister. If the public’s perception is right, then it signals the public’s loss of confidence in this government, and the Prime Minister should thus gracefully resign. However, instead of admitting his administration’s incompetence, the Prime Minister chose to proceed with drastic action that drags the entire nation into unchartered waters alongside his own uncertain political survival.

Malaysians are already struggling to get by the day. Many were hoping for an extension of moratorium and a stimulus package. Instead, they were “gifted” with the declaration of emergency. The Prime Minister’s failure to do the right thing at every turn continues to jeopardize Malaysia’s economic and political stability. Not only that, the Prime Minister does not seem to recognize that his action has far-reaching consequences. At the announcement of a state of emergency, Malaysia’s economy was immediately impacted, with Bursa Malaysia dipping below 1,600 level.

It should not be forgotten that this government is unelected. It did not receive the mandate of the people in the last election. In further assault to Malaysia’s parliamentary democracy, this government is also now unaccountable and unanswerable to the Parliament. This is a legitimate cause of worry. It is a sign of looming dictatorship.

Abdul Aziz Isa
Special Assistant to YB Chong Chieng Jen
DAP Batu Kitang Chairman
DAP Socialist Youth (“DAPSY”) Stampin Division Chief