Sim: SUPP Should Effectively Issue The Kenyalang Gold Card


Press Statement By Sim Kiat Leng:

t is a good initiative on the part of Sarawak Welfare Department to introduce Kenyalang Gold Card (KGC) for senior citizens. Many from the public has applied for KGC through the DAP service centres.

However it is rather unfortunate that such an initiative has been hijacked by SUPP for political mileage. We have seen many applicant coming to our service centres to complaint how they are not informed of the status of their KGC application.

This lack of information has caused many applicants to travel, queue and wait at Sarawak Welfare Department. After all the time spent and trouble faced, they were told that the KGC were taken by SUPP for distribution to the public. The slow distribution of the KGC also shows how SUPP is unable to cope with the entire exercise and therefore other organisations should be roped in to assist. In the time being, the public should visit their nearest SUPP service centres for their KGC since welfare department has already decided to take this path.

We have also receive many queries as to what are the benefits of having this KGC and how to enjoy those benefits. The lack of clarity and information in this aspect is also regrettable. Without telling the public what the benefits are and how to enjoy those benefits, the card is as good as nothing.