SDMC Urged Not To Implement SOP To Convenience The VVIPs


Press Statement By Sim Kiat Leng :

We understand that everyone has a role to play during these trying times in order to curb the spread of Covid-19. I am very proud of all Sarawakians who have complied with the strict SOP as set out by SDMC due to their love for Sarawak and their fellow Sarawakians.

However, it is disappointing that some politicians, especially those from GPS, for failing to lead by example in this fight against Covid-19. The people should not be punished or made to suffer when our state leaders do not have any sense of logic and responsibility.

It is unfair to stop Sarawakian from coming back home when a Malaysian Singer was accorded preferential treatment in exemption from mandatory quarantine just so that she can perform during the New Year countdown event, this is a clear example of double standard.

Similarly, politicians i.e. Dr Sim Kui Hian should lead by example and not be warranted special treatment on the pretences of ‘essential services’ when the travelling is merely for political meetings at West Malaysia. There should be no double standards by the government in this fight against Covid-19.

While it may be advisable for Sarawakian living outside Sarawak to exercise self-restrain from coming back to Sarawak, the GPS politicians should likewise also exercise self-restrain by not flying to KL merely for the meetings of political parties, worse when these politicians were not subject to quarantine when they came back to Sarawak.

SDMC should be stern in executing the SOPs and should not allow any SOP to be implemented and/or amended to the convenience of any VVIPs.

Sim Kiat Leng
Special Assistant to Yb Chong Chieng Jen