Sarawak Government Should Come Out With Comprehensive Financial Assistance Package For The People


Press Statement By Michael Kong:

Not only has the State government failed to help businesses that have been hit hard by the current Covid-19 pandemic, many Sarawakians particularly those from the B40 are equally vulnerable. Many of those from the B40 income group are daily pay workers. With the current economic environment coupled with multiple stop orders and/or SOPs to be complied with, many of these workers are left without a steady income.

For this particular family within Kampung Stampin, it is saddening because their misery is compounded by the fact that they have also lost their house over the past month. Being built on the riverbank, the constant flash flooding since December 2020 has finally taken a toll on their previous house as it was no longer safe for occupancy.

Till now, they have only managed to gather enough money to build up the structural frame of a house and the roofing. The house is far from completion but for now, at least they have a roof over their head albeit without any walls, kitchen or even toilet. Due to the very pitiful situation, DAP Stampin shall look into ways to help this family to have a safe house to live in. Of course, being in the opposition, we are financially constrained in the meantime and would appreciate all the help that we can get from the general public be it in cash or in kind.

At the same time, I cannot stress enough that the government should do come up with more financial initiatives for the people of Sarawak. I once again urge the State government to dig into its reserves and come up with a comprehensive financial assistance package for the people.

Michael Kong Feng Nian
Special Assistant to YB Chong Chieng Jen