Immediate Help Needed For B40 And SMEs


Press Statement By Julian Tan:

Ever since the start of this year and the newly imposed CMCO/MCO, we have seen an increasing number of people calling us to provide food aids. With limited resources, we are trying the best of our ability to render help as much as we can. Some especially those have their job affected by the pandemic even have a challenge putting food on the table daily. We were also very thankful for all the volunteers who help and donated food aids to be distributed to those in need.

The government of the day must reach out to those in need, especially during this pandemic. Most need immediate help in terms of cash in hand, especially the B40 community. The government also needs to look into SMEs’ welfare to help them sail through this challenging period. The SMEs themselves are an important integrated part of the larger social and economic ecosystem by providing jobs, especially to the B40. It’s like a chain domino effect; if the SMEs are gone, so does the income for the B40 and the welfare of the children within the community. The current BKSS 5.0 does not address the immediate needs of the B40 and SMEs.

We urge the government to no more delay and to expedite helps to the B40 and SMEs. Consider our proposal of cash handout inform of e-Wallet of Rm200 per month for 3 months and immediately reach out to SMEs in the business sector that are at high risk of facing business closure. The hangout will provide the much-needed cash and spur the local economy. Those without e-Wallet can always opt for the standard way of receiving the payment.

Julian Tan
Special assistant to YB Chong Chieng Jen