Coffee Shop Owner Fined Rm10’000 For Failing To Display Maximum Number Of Persons Allowed


Press Statement By Julian Tan

A coffee shop owner at the Kuching city centre was shocked when the enforcement authority slapped him with an RM10’000 fine. This is due to failing to display a printed notice board on the ‘Maximum number of persons allowed at the premise. All other matters comply with the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). The tables and chairs were properly arranged for social distancing. Workers vaccinated, check-in procedure, and temperature check is all in accordance with the SOP.

We did a quick survey of the surroundings. We were surprised many if not all, the eateries shop we visited did not know that part of the SOP.

With the ever-changing of SOP, we would like to suggest to the relevant enforcer authorities to step up their effort to simplify the latest SOP that is readily available and accessible to business owners. Use a well design infographic, and especially reach out via various social media. If such info were to be made available from an official website, make sure it can be reached within ‘2-hand-clicks’. Only then can it be considered a ‘user-friendly website. The website design should be able to cater to all regardless of their level of tech-savviness else, this will discourage people from looking further.

Instead of an RM10’000 fine and the need for business owners to go through the appeal process, give them a warning for first-time offenders for breaching SOP. Especially those that, like in this case, fulfilled all the other 99% and overlooked the 1%, which many we surveyed have no idea exists. Businesses could use some breathing space to recover economically during this challenging time. Let us at least do our part to make life easy for them by not burdening them to constantly follow up and ‘looking’ for the latest SOP.

Julian Tan
Special Assistant to YB Chong Chieng Jen