Free Medical Checkup For Residents In Kg Chawan Pendam


Press Statement by YB Kelvin Yii:

Our office of Pusat Khidmat Bandar Kuching in collaboration with an initiative under All Party Parliamentary Group Malaysia(APPGM), SADIA & LPPKN held a free medical check-up & screening for all the residents of Kg Chawan Pendam(Kubur), a squatter residents in our constituency.

The medical team provided free medical screening including blood pressure, blood sugar and other basic check-up for more than 50 families that live in the kampung

In conjunction with World Breast Cancer Awareness in October, we also provided free mammogram & pep smear for the women in the kampung, so they can get themselves checked and if needed, provide the necessary early intervention.

Most of the residents are daily-paid workers and labourers and are struggling through this tough economic time. Some has lost jobs due to MCO so they couldn’t afford any medical check-up on their own or even have time to go for one in the government hospitals.

That is why they were very appreciative when we brough the mobile team directly to them and to their kampung so they are not left out and at least get some basic medical check-up. Health is a human right and everyone regardless of status and background is entitled to receive some proper healthcare services.

One of the things that we intend to do to try address urban poverty especially in squatters in our constituency is to raise greater awareness on health and hygiene in the environment especially during this Covid-19 pandemic season.

We also donated more than 2000 adult face mask, and 1000 children mask to be distributed to the residents there and we also helped educate them on proper usage and proper disposal of the mask. We also educated them on importance of maintaining good hygiene and cleanliness around their house to avoid any other infectious disease including dengue.

The residents there are poor and many struggle to buy mask not just for those that need to go work every day, but also their children that need to go to school.

Many times, even during the pandemic, the poor and the marginalised communities, even in the city are left behind in terms of aid and help even though they need it the most. During the MCO, our office worked hard to supply food products and food ration to them as well.
We are also working on the education of their children by providing free tuition for both primary & secondary school children to help them catch up on their classes especially the lessons they missed when schools were closed during MCO.

Best way to help them out of the cycle of poverty, is to give proper education to these children, and empower the rest of community out of this cycle that they are in.

We may not have much, but we try to do as much as we can.

Kelvin Yii Lee Wuen
MP Bandar Kuching